Alcohol and Weight Loss

alcohol and weight lossAlcohol and weight loss should not actually be in the same sentence.  I do admit it, though, I totally enjoy having a cocktail. I mean, I’m Italian for heaven’s sake, it’s practically written in our DNA to have wine with dinner!

But when it comes to losing weight, alcohol and fat loss DO NOT go together. Yes, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s true.

Alcohol and weight loss do not go together!

So, how much alcohol, if any, should you have if you are trying to lose weight?

The fact is that any amount of alcohol will impede your weight loss efforts.

There are several reasons for this. Not only does alcohol increase your appetite, it lowers your metabolism and testosterone levels for up to 24 hours after consumption. This is because cortisol rises after alcohol is consumed. When cortisol rises, it breaks down testosterone. Testosterone is needed to build muscle. Yes, girls, it’s not just for men anymore, we need testosterone too!

Also, when you drink any type of alcohol it blocks the production of Acetyl-CoA, which is an energy building molecule. That is why you feel so “draggy” after a night of drinking! When you are feeling low energy, then your fat burning is not the same and you wind up depressing your metabolism and slowing down your fat burning potential. What happens when our energy is flagging? We look for food, usually in the form of sugary snacks for quick energy.

Also, when it comes to alcohol and weight loss, we all know that when we drink we lose our inhibitions, and we get an attitude where we DON’T CARE what we eat. Bread and butter look and taste more amazing than ever when you are buzzed, don’t they!

Red Wine and Resveratrol

alcohol and weight lossAlthough much has been touted about the benefits of resveratrol in red wine, that fact is that these studies are based on drinking about 5 ounces of red wine. And gals, do you really know how much 5 ounces is? It’s a very small amount, not what we are used to pouring in those nice big, bucket-sized red wine glasses we love to swirl around!

Here are the simple facts

A five ounce glass of red wine contains about 130 calories and 15 grams of sugar. If you were to have one 5 oz glass of wine per night that would be 900 calories a week, or 3600 calories a month, that’s just over one pound of fat you can a month, or 12 pounds in a year, and that’s just from the alcohol, not to mention the other calories you might be over-indulging in along with the wine.

So if you think that you can just add a glass of wine or two each night and it not affect your weight loss efforts, you are sadly mistaken!

Here is the booze breakdown in calories, so you can understand the connection between alcohol and weight loss.

Alcohol Calories
Liquor – 80 proof (rum, vodka) 1.5 oz 100
White wine (5 oz) 100-130
Red wine (5 oz) 100-130
Champagne (5 oz) 100-130
Vodka Martini 135
Vodka Martini with 2 olives 225
Beer (12 oz) 150
Mojito 160
Blended Margarita 170
Vodka Red Bull 175
Strawberry Daquiri 250

Alcohol and Weight Loss Bottom Line

If you are seriously trying to lose weight, you need to CUT out the alcohol or limit it seriously to one day a week, and no more than a glass or two of wine or 2 ounces of alcohol.

Parties and Social Life

If I know I am going to a party or going to be drinking, I eat extremely clean during the day, lots of fresh veggies, fruits, and lean protein, and a lot of water. Then always eat before you go to your event, so you are not starving and end up mowing through the fatty appetizers.

But, enjoy yourself at the party, and then get right back on track the next day! Just be informed of the negative effects of alcohol and weight loss, and don’t make drinking a habit that will destroy all your hard work for your beautiful body.