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by Sunday, May 24, 2015

A great place to start to learn all about juicing is right in your local grocery or produce store. Just head over to the produce aisle and you are going to see dozens and dozens of things that you may have never dreamed of eating or cooking, but that work for juicing. Yes, nearly everything in the produce aisle can be juiced and added to your diet!  It’s true!

Why Should I Juice?

Why add all this produce to your diet and start juicing? Research shows that adults should be having 8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Yes, eight! That’s a lot of produce, and most people will just not do that. So the answer about why you should start juicing is simple, it’s the perfect way to ensure that you get in your daily allotment of fruits and vegetables.

But there are so many more reasons to learn all about juicing and get all the benefits of juicing. Let’s look at some of them


This just means how much of the nutrition that is available in the fruits and veggies is your body going to be able to use.  You might think that because you  eat an apple or a salad that you are getting all the nutrition out of them.  But it’s not true.  In whole fruits and veggies a percentage of the enzymes, phytochemicals and vitamins and minerals are trapped inside the indigestible fiber of the produce, and cannot be assimilated by your body.  However, when the juice is extracted from the pulp, all of those nutrients are taken and assimilated by your body very quickly.  When you juice, you can actually “feel” the benefits of the nutrition and the living food that you are taking in.

In addition, research shows that when you juice, you get up 70-80% of the nutrition when the nutrition is freed from the pulp, versus 30-40% of the nutrition when it is basically all wrapped up in the pulp.

Detox and Cleansing:

Whenever someone asks me questions about juicing, what they always want to know about is the detox benefits because it’s such a popular topic these days.  So how does juicing aid in detox and cleansing the body.  Well, because the fiber is removed by extracting it from the produce, the raw juice has a kind of “laxative” effect on the body.  This is even more true for fruit juices.  This laxative or cleansing then in turn helps to rid the body of toxins, thereby, the detox effect.  Cleansing also helps your body to be more efficient and as a result a return to your natural weight by weight loss will occur.

Living Food:

Also, it makes sense that most people just cannot take in as much produce during the day by eating whole foods as they can when they juice.  You just get more good stuff in your body, and you notice the difference.  When you are ingesting the nutrition from raw fruits and veggies, you have a feeling of taking in a life force from food that is unprocessed and raw.

Fresh Raw Juices Only:

It is really important to note when learning all about juicing that you need to focus on fresh raw juices by using a means of juice extraction.  You need to first learn about the different types of juicers and then get a juicer and start to practice with your own recipes and combinations to see what you like the best, and then start to experiment by adding different fruits and vegetables that you may have never ever thought about consuming.

You can even combine raw juices with other whole produce by blending them together.  Read about juicing vs blending and you will discover how can you can incorporate both into your healthy diet and reap the rewards of both!

Here are some healthy juicing recipes to get you started on your juicing journey!

But remember, pasteurized or sterilized juices are of no value to you, so don’t even waste your time, energy or calories consuming them!

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