Almond Milk Recipe – Easy Way To Make Your Own Almond Milk

Easy Homemade Almond Milk

My favorite almond milk recipe is printed below and shown in the video too, but first I wanted to share with you the reason I started to make my own almond milk and the reason I am trying to share this delish recipe for homemade almond milk with as many people as I can.

WhALMOND MILKy I Was Compelled to Find A Natural Recipe for Almond Milk:

Like most people, I was going to the grocery store and buying my almond milk off the shelf, thinking that it was totally healthy and super good for me and my family. I never even thought to look around to find out about making my own almond milk because the boxed kind was so easy to buy and was suddenly available everywhere. I was using the almond milk in smoothies and also using it for cereal and even using it in my coffee and tea. I thought it was delicious!

Well…. all was going just fine, I thought, until recently I discovered from my nutritionist and friend that the almond milk I was buying had an ingredient that I didn’t know was bad for me. That ingredient is carrageenan. I wanted to kick myself for not checking it out first, because I like to pride myself as being an ingredient reader, I just don’t know how I let this one slip by me!

Dr. Russell Blaylock in his book “Health and Nutrition Secrets that can save your life” Pg. 196 writes “Carrageenan is a complex polysaccaride made from seaweed and is used as a binding agent.

Experimentally carrageenan is used as an agent to induce, intense inflammation in experimental animals. A recent study found that when carrageenan was injected in animals along with a cancer causing chemical, tumors appeared more rapidly… than in control animals injected with the carcinogen alone.

The same was seen when human breast cancers were implanted in animals along with carrageenan. The combination made the tumors grow faster and spread more rapidly than in control animals. As a result carrageenan is classified as a tumor promoter.” Dr Blaylock named carrageenan as an additive that may contain MSG.

Okay now that is scary stuff! Scary enough for me to want to find a recipe for almond milk that I could make at home. And guess what, it’s toooooo easy, so please pick up some raw almonds and try making your own almond milk for a change!

The video below shows you an almond milk recipe made with with fresh raw almonds that you can make in a matter of minutes! And of course, you never ever have to worry about any added ingredients, like carageenan, that you don’t want to put in your body! Remember to buy RAW almonds for your almond milk, not roasted or salted, etc., they have to be RAW that is really important.

Here’s what you do:

Raw Almond Milk Recipe


  1. Soak 1 cup of raw almonds in water for four to eight hours – make sure to cover the almonds with water.
  2. After you’re done soaking, drain, the almonds and place them in a blender or Vitamix with four to five cups of water and process for a couple of minutes. You’ll see a pleasant white milk develop. The reason I say 4 to 5 cups of water in this almond milk recipe is because you can make a little more if you like the milk a little bit thinner. It still tastes pretty much the same.
  3. Strain the almond milk through a little filter or cheesecloth to separate the solids. You can throw away the solids or save to use in different recipes.
  4. Then add a teaspoon of vanilla to the milk and give it another whirl in the blender and voila!… you have very simply just made your own fresh almond milk with this easy almond milk recipe.

Also, you can freeze some of this almond milk recipe if you don’t use it fast enough. Sometimes I freeze two cups and then put the other two cups in the fridge. It lasts about 4 or 5 days in the fridge, and obviously much longer in the freezer.

So be sure to look for that nasty “carrageenan” in all the foods you buy. You will find it not only in packaged almond milk, but in other dairy products, hemp milks, rice milk, soy milks, ice creams, processed foods, packaged foods, the list goes on!

Enjoy my almond milk recipe and let me know what you think!  Here is the recipe and I made a video for you.  Almond Milk Recipe