Antiaging Nutrition


Keep your body younger from the inside out with antiaging nutrition

Antiaging is the buzz word of the decade!

It’s one of the undeniable facts of life, no one is getting any younger. Sorry!! Every second of every day our bodies are aging. You can’t stop it, but you can fight it with the proper nutrition and exercise. You can’t see it on the inside, but when you look in the mirror it is your skin, your body’s largest organ, that visibly shows the signs of aging.

All of a sudden you look in the mirror and it’s like, “Who is this person?” “Where did these wrinkles come from?” “They were not here yesterday, I swear!” You pull up the skin at your temples, and what happens, you look younger, your skin looks tighter, right? That is what your collagen does for you.

Stop Aging from the Inside Out
Science has proven that inflammation inside our bodies is what causes aging. Processed foods, sugar, and saturated fats cause inflammation and accelerate the aging process. Smoking, alcohol, drugs and overexposure to the sun also accelerate the aging process and damage our bodies.

In addition, healthy lean meats that are cooked in certain ways, with dry, high heat in ovens or in barbecues trigger the production of harmful AGEs (advanced glycation end products) that cause inflammation and accelerate the aging process. AGEs latch onto your collagen distorting the collagen and causing wrinkles. And the same happens inside your body, including the artery walls, joint cartilage, and bones where collagen acts like glue that holds the minerals and bone tissue together. If you can reduce the amount of AGEs in your diet, you will slow down the aging process by taking these steps along with focusing on keeping your diet mindful of antiaging nutrition.

How to Cook Your Foods to Reduce AGEs
Try to cook your foods with water, sauces or marinades, steaming, poaching or making stews. This will help to reduce the production of AGEs from the foods. Also, avoid sugary foods and starchy foods that are baked at high temperatures to further reduce the sources of AGEs in your diet.

Supplements to Help Reduce Aging
The nutritional steps that you take to help fight aging will make your skin look supple and reduce wrinkles. In addition, you will be improving your inside organs and the rest of your body in the process.

Here are the top supplements that you can take for antiaging nutrition, along with their dosages. These top supplements all contain antioxidants:

  • EPA from fish oil or 1 to 2 tablespoons of flax seed oil to reduce inflammation
  • Fish collagen, up to 1 gram, to support healthy collagen
  • Lycopene, up to 10 mg, to protect against sun damage
  • Lutein, up to 10 mg, to improve skin elasticity and hydration
  • Cocoa Extract, 300 to 500 mg of flavonols, to improve blood flow to the skin and decrease roughness
  • White tea extract, 50 to 100 mg, or drink one to two cups of white tea daily, to fight inflammation.