Aquafina Water Is Just Plain Tap Water!

by Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pepsi’s Fancy Aquafina Is Just Plain Tap Water!

Okay, this is really INSANE!

I just read this article about Pepsi admitting that it’s Aquafina water is just plain old tap water?

Have you guys seen it yet…?  Here is an excerpt.
On Friday, the Pepsi corporation admitted that its Aquafina bottled water is not purified water or spring water, but simply plain old tap water. The company will now be forced to change the labeling of the brand to reflect that it is just tap water. Read more at

Man This Makes Me Feel Kinda Stupid!

I hate reading stuff like this.  It makes you stop and go….”How Did I Not Know This…!!!”

  • Aquafina is not purified water!
  • Aquafina is not even spring water!
  • It’s just plain old stinking tap water!

Now Pepsi is going to be forced to relabel their water to clearly state that it’s just tap water.

Just the name alone “Aquafina”… “fine water” would make people think it was probably pulled out of some amazing well somewhere, enhanced with all the goodness nature has to offer, LOL!

I can now picture the workers at PepsiCo standing around laughing their butts off as they refill Aquafina bottles from some mega-sink tap!

Okay, so I admit that I for one did believe that it was NOT just tap water.  We all get caught up in the bottled water frenzy and start running like sheep to the bottles with the best names, the best packaging, the higher prices even!

Also, I know a lot of people probably think, the pricier the water, the more glorious it will be right?

So What Can You Do To Have Better Water?

So now that we’ve admitted that we’ve been duped by Pepsi! What can we do?????

Well, how about you make your own yummy detox water with three simple ingredients that have powerful antioxidant properties!

Read on for the recipe   →    Laura’s Yummy Detox Water

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