Avoid Vacation Weight Gain


Best Weight Loss Tip:  How to avoid vacation weight Gain!:

When we’re on vacation, we kind of check out mentally from health & fitness. I totally understand that. You can’t be strict or push yourself all the time. That’s not healthy for the body or the soul either!


Your body won’t take a vacation from storing fat!

It is still going to do what it is going to do. I know, that sucks right?

But here’s what I do. I just find a way to do something. Anything even if I’m on vacation. I always take my running shoes with me. I’ll just go for a 20 minute run or interval walk.

Look around your environment when you’re on vacation.  If there are stairs, run up and down the stairs.  Just get your intensity up for a short burst of time, then do it again.

If you are vacationing near the water, it’s a no-brainer.  Get in the water and swim swim swim.  If you are on a flat beach, and there are not big waves you can also run in the water along the beach.

If there are kayaks, rent one!  Grab a paddle and play paddle ball  on the beach.  Remember, I’m not talking about having to hit the gym while on vacation, I’m saying to look at ALL the opportunities you have to move around all day long while on vacation.

Sand running is an awesome workout.  Just ditch the shoes and run in the soft sand.

If you are in a hotel and there is a pool, use it every day.  Swim some laps or run in the pool.  Also, if you’re in a hotel, take the stairs up and down to your room (I do this all the time).

When you’re on vacation, since you’re not burdened with work and your regular routine, just move a lot.  Walk everywhere, take the stairs instead of elevators (you’re on vacation, you have the time).

It can feel like a pain to drag yourself to do it, but you know what, when you are done, you will feel amazing and you’ll be thankful you did it.

There is no reason you can’t stay on track towards your goals while on vacation.

Things to Pack to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain:

Be prepared by taking some stuff with you to ensure your success, so you have no excuses.

  • A pair of running shoes.
  • A workout outfit.
  • Exercise bands (these are portable and light)
  • Some kind of a watch or timer
  • Your music
  • Take some healthy snacks (bars) with you.

You Still Have to Watch What You Eat! 

The best way to avoid vacation weight gain is to watch what you eat.  I know you don’t want to hear that, but it’s the main reason people come backpacking on the pounds.  You know you’re going to want to eat and drink, but still plan for it.  If you go out to dinner every night, eat lighter during the day and move around a lot.

Be sure to start  your days with protein-packed breakfasts, so you won’t get too hungry later in the day and end up gorging on something fatty.

When you order drinks, opt for alcohol mixed with club soda, or wine or beer.  Skip the sugary sweet drinks.  They can pack in as much as 500 calories per drink, adding up to fat fast!