Best Post Workout Meal

by Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hmmmm…What Should I Eat?

I often get asked when I’m training someone, “Laura, what should I eat right after my workout?”

Well the answers can be varied, and it depends on several factors.

  1. What did you do for your workout?
  2. How long did you work out for?
  3. Did you eat right before your workout?
  4. What do you have available to eat right away?

No honestly, unless you are training for a fitness or bikini competition, you don’t need to go nuts worrying about this.

Believe me, there is PLENTY of confusion out about the topic of the best post workout meal!

Post-workout nutrition can be a bit of a complicated topic. Some research studies say that you should have your meal/shake immediately after your workout. Other studies say that you have a 45-minute window. And other studies say that you can refuel any time within 2 hours. read more at

So let’s try to keep this a little more simple, because the rules for most regular people, who are working out and trying to stay in shape and want to keep themselves looking great are simple!  Think of this…you have like a two-hour window:

In simple terms, studies have shown that there is a time window during which your body is geared to accept nutrients that will inspire muscle repair, muscle growth and muscle strength.

This window “opens” immediately after your workout and closes sometime 1-2 hours later.

If your body receives the correct nutrients during this window of opportunity, you’ll receive the maximum benefits because your muscles are literally primed to devour any nutrients you send their way. read more at

The Easiest And Probably Best Post Workout Meal

As a trainer, I think the east and best post workout meal is one that you can make fast and take on the go.  This way you won’t skip eating because you’re in a rush.

This is where shakes and smoothies come in the handiest.  They are quick to make and easy to take.  And they deliver a quick form of liquid food with immediate bio-availability to your muscles!  Because right after a tough workout your glycogen levels are low and they need to be replenished.  That’s why you’re usually super spent right after a strenuous workout and you feel exhausted.

This is a sign that your body’s stored carbohydrates (glycogen levels) are significantly depleted. Glycogen is basically sugar (i.e., carbohydrates) that’s stored in your muscles as an easily-accessible form of energy. Once it’s depleted, it takes time and nutrition to build it back up.

1. Whole foods take longer to digest — and after a workout you want the nutrients delivered as quickly as possible to your muscles 2. Some people don’t have the appetite immediately after training, therefore eating whole foods isn’t desirable

This is when liquid forms of nutrition (i.e. shakes and smoothies) come into play. read more at

best post workout meal

Smoothie Recipes that Will Help you Recover Post Workout

Here are some of my fave post workout smoothies to help you feel energized and ready to get on with your day after a great workout!

Blueberry Kale Smoothie

Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

Chocolate Protein Shake


To your health!


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