Best Weight Loss Tips: Recovering From Parties

One of my best weight loss tips for dealing with the aftermath of holidays like Christmas or any other holiday is to stay hydrated, don’t go hungry and increase your energy.

I know it’s almost impossible to stay away from desserts and pastries during Christmas or other holidays with all the parties and pressure all around to eat and drink.  Plus, you want to enjoy yourself too.  Life should not be about deprivation.  You can indulge!  You just have to be smart about getting back on track once you are past the parties!

We’ll, here’s what you want to do now that it is over. First, don’t go crazy dieting, thinking that you have to “make up for it.”

Calorie cutting is the worst thing you can do when you want healthy weight loss. It will LOWER your metabolic rate and when New Year comes along, you are going to HAVE to eat the same stuff again and you will be doing so with a SLOWER metabolism.

This will cause INSTANT fat storage! Sooo, here’s what you do, make use of the blended veggie smoothie. Here are two videos…


You don’t have to be timid. The more you have of these, the faster you recover!

You will be surprised how fast you feel better. Don’t tell anyone but they can even completely relieve you of a hangover!

Just go back to the basics of my nutrition advice.

REPLACE sugar with with stevia, xylitol or Just Like Sugar REPLACE starchy carbs like pasta and bread with quinoa pasta and sprouted grain bread, respectively.

INCREASE fiber with veggies and scrumptious salads.

COME TO BOOT CAMP! Getting your workouts in, is better than eating less.

STAY HYDRATED! Sometimes hydration is all your body needs to flush itself from the overdose of sugar it got.

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