Clean Eating Will Change Your Body

Woman Looking at Vegetables in Refrigerator ca. 2003

So you may have heard a lot of buzz around the term eating clean. No, it does not mean that you need to take a shower before every meal! It means that you need to take stock of what you put in your mouth. Most importantly, if you are putting junk in, then you wonโ€™t have the proper energy to get the benefit of your exercise.

What is Clean Eating?

  1. When you adopt an “eat clean” lifestyle, you try to consume as much of your daily food intake from unprocessed, natural foods, like fresh produce, whole grains and organic meats and poultry.
  2. You try to buy as much food as possible that has one ingredient!
  3. When it has multiple ingredients, you read the label and you stay away from overly processed foods and unhealthy ingredients like hydrogenated fats or trans fats, partially hydrogenated oils, sugars, white flour, additives and preservatives.
  4. You also must remember to eat regularly, five to six times a day, so that you do not get hungry. You always eat breakfast, every day. For the five to six meals you eat, you consume 300 to 400 calories for three of your meals, and then about 200 calories in two or three snacks.

This is merely a guideline, because you are not really going to have to count calories.

A Great Book To Read

Get this book, “The Eat Clean Diet” (Tosca Reno). Itโ€™s my favorite book on the subject of eating clean. It explains the lifestyle clearly and concisely. The book has tons of useful information, and is super easy to read. It gives you perfect shopping lists, recipes and meal plans.
It tells you how you can incorporate the eat clean diet into your life, whether you are feeding just yourself or your family, or if you have special dietary considerations, such as vegan eating or you need to be gluten free.

eat clean diet book - clean eating7 Important Points about Eating Clean:

  1. No hydrogenated fats or trans fats,
  2. No partially hydrogenated oils,
  3. No sugars,
  4. No white flour,
  5. No additives.
  6. Watch out for hidden sugars in the form of high fructose corn syrup or corn syrup.