Fabletics Review

My First Fabletics Review:

I wanted to review for you this Fabletics outfit that I just got this week.  And if you don’t know what Fabletics is, it’s an online subscription athletic wear service that’s owned by Kate Hudson and some other peeps.  I had seen Kate Hudson on a couple of talk shows talking about it, so I decided to try it out.  It’s 50 bucks a month, actually $49.95, and with that you get one outfit per month and if you don’t pick anything you can skip the month.  If you don’t see anything you like you can skip it.  And if what you’re buying is more than $50 you just add the difference.

Fabletics Review Piece #1 Running Sleeves:
So this is what I got this month. It came with three pieces. I want to show you up close, one of the pieces are these sleeves, and they’re reversible. They’re white or gray.  I don’t like them. I’m going to send back the sleeves.  You might like them, but I think they’re awkward.  They are super super super tight.  I don’t see myself taking all  this time and fuss to put these sleeves on.  At least with a t-shirt with long sleeves you can take it off and wrap it around your waist when you’re on a run if you get hot. With these, I just don’t see  myself using them.  I think they’re kind of a nuisance and nonsense.

Fabletics Review Piece #2 Lemon Yellow Top:

Okay, and then the other two pieces that it came with are this very very cute lemon yellow top which I really really like.  It’s very comfortable and has this mesh black panel in the back which, I think is really cute.  I bought a size small. Both of these pieces are small. The shorts and top.  I’m 5’2-1/2″ tall and about 125 pounds so that can give you an idea.  This is a T-shirt, it’s not a tank top and doesn’t have a built in bra, so you’re going to have to wear your running bra top underneath here to keep yourself from bouncing all around!  Anyway, it’s very comfy.  It has these pockets on the side, with a pocket on each side.  They’re loose pockets, but if you’re walking your dog or just walking around and not running the pockets will definitely hold your keys and your cell phone or something like that.

Fabletics Review Piece #3, Camo Shorts: 

And then the shorts… I LOVE the camo!  They’re very cute.  They’re super super lightweight. There is a built-in panty and these are a size small, but as you can see they’re long.  The rise is actually really long in my opinion for a small.  But that happens with a lot of running shorts I find.  But they’re comfy and you can definitely move in them and when you’re running they’re not going to ride up your butt!  And I’m going to go on a hike right now in these and I’m going to be going uphill so you won’t feel like you’re totally exposed to everybody behind you

The only thing that I do not like about these shorts (and I hope they change this) is that it has this very clunky, big drawstring which I find is totally unnecessary. They could have done the shorts without the drawstring, because they’re not going anywhere.  The drawstring is heavy and it doesn’t lay flat.  You can see when the T-shirt is over it you have this big lump which I can’t stand!  I hate that about drawstrings!  But other than that I love the outfit, I think it’s super cute and worth the $50, except for the sleeves which are going back. They should have made a headband with this or some cute socks or something instead of the sleeves, that would have been much better.

That is my review of this outfit.  Us girls don’t really care about how it looks online or whatever, we care about how it fits.  Fit is everything to us. So that’s why I wanted to do this Fabletics Review because I know that fit is really really important and that’s what everybody looks for. How does it fit?  How does it wear when you’re running in it or working out in it? And also, how does it hold up in the wash?  That’s really important.  So I will talk about that too. I’m going to work out in this outfit and I’ll give you a little post-update and tell you what that was like too!  XO