Fat Vs Muscle

Fat vs muscle:  “I’m Not Losing Weight… I’m Just Losing Inches…”

I want to tell you the biggest myth and misconception for weight loss and fitness for women… There is a world of difference between weight loss and fat loss!
Take a look below at what 5 pounds of fat and 5 pounds of muscle looks like…




Fat Vs Muscle:  Do you see the difference in size?

The muscle is ONE THIRD the size of the fat! ONE THIRD!!!

The fat is THREE TIMES BIGGER than the muscle.

If you are losing inches and not weight, it is because you are building muscle. And you know what? That is going to speed up your weight loss even more.

You know why?

Because muscle burns calories at rest and fat doesn’t! Fat just sits there.

Fat Vs Muscle: Muscle First Then Fat…

So in the beginning, when a woman has not exercised in a long time, she has lost a lot of muscle. A lot.

So when she gets a GOOD workout, a workout that makes her stronger, it is a good thing because it rebuilds that important fat burning lean muscle.

Gain Fat – Guaranteed…

Without doing that, she is GUARANTEED to gain weight again. This is why….

If you do a workout that ONLY focuses on weight, you are RISKING more weight GAIN. You know why?

Because it can be a workout that forces you to lose MUSCLE.

So here’s what happens with a good workout…

Inches come off for sure… you can fit into clothes you couldn’t fit into before… and there is weight loss too… by keeping up your GOOD workout, the inches keep coming off… and then you have sudden drops in weight.

After a few months of doing the RIGHT kind of workout for women, you get a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION! That’s way better than weight loss.

Look girls, I KNOW the power of the scale. I’m with you. I’m not immune to it either.

But you HAVE TO USE INCHES and PICTURES to really show your success.

belly-2473_640Your weight will never, determine your clothes size. ONLY YOUR INCHES WILL!

No matter how good you look, no matter how small your body gets, or how small your dress sizes get, you will always cave in when you judge your success by the scale! And the sad part is no one else even knows!

So here is one of the best weight loss tips I can give you… stop weighing and start measuring! Make life easier on yourself!

Now Go Get Fit!