Old School New Body is One of My Favorite Workouts


I really love this program called Old School New Body.  It’s something that I totally believe in and I bought myself!

It teaches you how to work out in short spurts of time.  Yes, you can get this done in 20 minutes.

You do not have to spend hours and hours in the gym, being frustrated not knowing what to do.

And the most important part about this program is that it is anti-aging.  Yes, ladies, building muscle is ANTI-AGING!  I mean that is really all you would need to know, right?

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I know that a lot of girls are so afraid to lift weights because they are afraid that they’re going to build bulky muscles, and look like a guy.  But you know what?  That’s just not true!

You are going to be lifting weights that are 5, 8 or 10 pounds.  You don’t have to lift more than that.  I promise you this.  Yourjust have to do some strength training, because when you strength train, guess what?  You build nice little muscles.  And when you build nice little muscles… guess what?  You TORCH fat!  Yes, you TORCH fat.  You body turns into a fat-burning machine, and it is science, not fiction!

I know a lot of women, over 40, who were complaining vehemently about not being able to lose weight. They tell me they are STARVING themselves, and running 1 hour of cardio on the treadmill and still not losing weight. Well, then, we all have to agree that something is seriously wrong with that right?  I mean, why are so many women having the same issues?  It’s because, HELLO… it does not work like that!

When we get older we start to lose the muscles that our body had in our youth.  Because when we were young, most of us were moving a heck of a lot more.  I mean playing sports, walking to school, out dancing ’till all hours of the morning in our 20s.  Yes, we were moving and shaking.  As we get older most of that stops.  Maybe we move 10 minutes a day, tops!  And then we think that running like a squirrel on a treadmill is going to help, nope nope nope!  You have to do something that is weight-bearing.  Putting some load on your muscles so that you can regain some of the muscles of your youth!  Hence, that is why strength-training is ANTI-AGING!

Can I say that again… building muscle is ANTI-AGING!  Old School New Body Teaches you how to do this.  It is NOT EXPENSIVE, it costs less than the price of a Pizza!

Click Here For Old School New Body

Please give this a try, and if you have any questions about it, you can even ask me, because I do this program and I love it.  It’s everything I believe in to keep you lean and strong and healthy and not STARVING!

To Your Health and Fitness!!!

Love Laura.