Fitness Magazine Models – The Reality of Being a Fitness Model


Fitness Magazine Models are amazing, perfect, they make us want to put our tennies on and hit the gym…. but I really wanted to address the reality of Women Fitness Models and what it takes to have that body and live that lifestyle.

In doing some digging on the subject, I was exploring the website of a very famous fitness model, Jamie Eason.

On her website, she talks about what it really takes to look like a fitness model.  I loved her answer so much, that I wanted to share it with you and discuss it a bit.  Here is the question that was posed to her….

How hard is it to really get fit and look good?

“Unfortunately, it’s rather hard. If it were easy, everyone would look fit all the time. People do not realize that what they see in magazines is often enhanced with Photoshop. Also, most fitness models will often diet and train just for that moment in front of the camera. As far as what fitness level you can personally obtain, age, hormones and genetics will all be a factor. One thing is certain though, with a consistent training program and proper diet, anyone can drastically improve their appearance.” Jamie Eason

I really LOVE this answer because I think that it gets right to the heart of what so many women feel when they look at the Fitness Magazine Models, and that is…

”Why don’t I look anything like that?”

I am NO exception to that either, because I think the same way.  Heck, I work out 6 days a week, I teach boot camp, and I eat a seriously clean diet 80-90% of the time!

“The reality is that if you want to look like a fitness model, you have to behave and treat your body like you are constantly one day away from  posing for the cover of a magazine.”

If you had to do that, then you would have to live your life very differently, and make fitness your job like most of these women do!  I have a very dear friend who is a fitness competitor and when she is getting ready to compete, you cannot believe what she goes through.  She takes her food with her everywhere, even to a 4th of July BBQ.  She gets up at the crack of dawn to work out.  The diet becomes like a science, you have to keep track of everything you eat and drink.  Speaking of drinking, NO ALCOHOL, nada.  So that’s gotta go too.

Also, I like the fact that Jamie covers the point that age, hormones and genetics are all factors in what level of fitness a person can achieve.  Now, I’m not making any excuses for poor diet, lack of exercise or having no willpower.

But like Jamie says,

“…anyone can drastically improve their appearance with consistent training and proper diet.”

Now that’s a much better goal for women to strive for. Strive for improving your appearance and feeling fabulous, and not for looking like a Women’s Fitness Model.