Gifts For Health Nuts

by Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here Are Some Great Gift Ideas For the Health Nut in Your Life
Gifts for Health Nuts!

Gifts For Health Nuts and Fitness Fans:

These gifts for health nuts are definitely some of my most favorite things that I want to share with you. Everything on this page I have used, loved and recommended to others!  I also like to buy from Amazon, because they have a great return policy and it saves time running around looking for stuff when you could be working out instead!


Gym boss interval timer.  This keeps your workouts on task!  You won’t be wondering if you’re wasting time, because this little bossy boss keeps you moving!  And it clips on your clothes so you can take it everywhere!

Bodylastics are literally a “gym in a bag.”  I absolutely LOVE these, because they go where you go.  I spent two weeks on a boat in the BVI’s and used these every day!

If you’re trying to “eat clean” and need recipes, this is the book you need.  It’s simple, easy to follow….and P.S. clean eating is really a way of life NOT a diet. Cuz I HATE diets too!!!

This heart rate monitor was my favorite before my Apple Watch.  It’s not expensive, but it works hard and keeps you working harder.  I used it to train and run four marathons. It’s simple and gets you working hard and burning fat!

Do yourself a FAVOR! Everyone should have a foam roller for self massage, not just athletes. These really workout out the kinks in your entire body and keep you loose!

If you have an calf issues or tightness, meet your new best friend! The stick is great for working out the knots in the muscles, because you can really target the trigger point areas.  I actually have two of these puppies, and I credit this stick to keeping me running!

This has become my ultimate fave protein powder.  It’s a raw, plant-based protein that works beautifully in all smoothie recipes on this site.  It has a different taste and texture than whey protein powder, but it blends smooth, is easily assimilated and is so good for your body!

This raw cacao adds a delicious chocolate flavor to smoothies WITHOUT adding sugar. The beautiful thing about raw cacao is that contains magnesium and magnesium is known to squash sugar cravings. So adding a heaping teaspoon of this to your smoothies not only adds a rich chocolate flavor, it keeps you from bingeing on sweets later in the day!

Gifts For Health Nuts and Fitness Minded

Keep checking here for more Gifts For Health Nuts.  I will be adding more of my favorite things.  If you are like me, there is nothing better than a good recommendation from someone who has tried something and loved it.  All of the items on this page I really do use all the time.  I recommend them to my personal training clients, and to the girls in my boot camp, and every time I hear back how much the girls loved them.

If you have an item you would like to know more about, you can contact me, and I will let you know if I’ve tried it, or if not, I will try to get you more information about it!

Stay healthy!


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