Green Tea Benefits

green tea

Green tea benefits your body by boosting fat burning!

Green tea benefits are many – and I love that it helps to burn fat!

Okay, I admit that I have always been a coffee drinker. It’s my comfy little vice. But not long ago I also started drinking green tea every day too because, like most of you, I could not miss all the news about the benefits of green tea. There has been tons of research done in the past years to support the fact that green tea helps to burn body fat. So how does green tea do this, and how much should you drink to reap the benefits of green tea? Read on.

What is All Buzz About EGCG?
Green tea benefits your body different from other teas because the leaves are steamed instead of being fermented. This process preserves the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is a powerful antioxidant. Science coming atcha now…. EGCG has been shown to boost the metabolism and accelerate weight loss. It does this by stimulating the central nervous system which causes fat to be released into the blood stream and then burned as fuel for your body. This process of burning fat for energy is called thermogenesis.

7 Other Benefits of Green Tea?

  1. Green tea also contains minerals like manganese, selenium, chromium and zinc.
  2. Green tea has been shown to prolong the effects of norepinephrine, which is the fat-burning accelerator hormone. You want this hormone accelerated after a workout, and green tea helps keep it up!
  3. Just one cup of green tea helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are stable, your body uses energy more efficiently.
  4. Green tea supports the body by sending glucose to the muscles where is it used for energy instead of to the fat tissue where it is stored as fat.
  5. Green tea inhibits the fat-digesting enzymes, making the fat from the food you eat less available to the body.
  6. Green tea helps to lower the production of fatty acids, blood fat and cholesterol.
  7. A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition showed that three days of exercise per week, combined with at least three cups of green tea per day, leads to abdominal fat loss.

How to Make and Drink Your Green Tea

  • Steep your tea for at least three minutes to release the antioxidants (EGCG) that promote weight loss.
  • Dunk your tea bags. Tea bags need to be dunked a few times to extract the additional fat-burning EGCG.
  • Do not overuse your tea bags because they lose their powerful antioxidants after the second use. So it’s best to just use them once.
  • Stick with fresh tea, bottled green tea usually contains loads of sugar and that will negate the positive effects of the EGCG in the tea.
  • You can add lemon and lime to your green tea as they help to increase the absorption of the antioxidants.
  • Add green tea to your protein shakes. Here is a great tasty recipe for a green tea protein shake.

How Much Green Tea Should you Drink Daily?

Aim for drinking one to three cups of green tea per day to reap the fat-burning green tea benefits of this powerful food. Studies have shown that participants who drank three cups of green tea per day burned an additional 106 calories per day.   That may not seem like a lot to you, but in one year that amounts to 11 pounds, which is really significant!!  So switch up your coffee habit to healthy green tea, and you will be seeing a slimmer, fitter, healthier you.