Health and Fitness Gifts

by Sunday, May 24, 2015

These are a few of my Favorite Things!

These health and fitness gifts are definitely some of my most favorite things that I would like to share with you.

Everything on this page I actually have used, loved and recommended to others!

I  personally like to buy stuff on  Amazon, because they have a great return policy and it saves time running around shopping when you could be working out instead!

Health and Fitness Gifts

Gym boss interval timer.  This little bossy boss keeps your workouts on task and keeps you moving when you think you can’t go another step!

Bodylastics are actually a “gym in a bag.” I  LOVE these, because they go where you go. I spent two weeks on a ship in the BVI’s and used these each day!

If you’re even for a second wondering what to eat to get lean, you need to read up on and learn about clean eating. Clean eating is not so much a diet plan as it is a way of life. Believe me, I HATE diets too, but eating clean is not hard once you know the tricks!!!


I have recommended this heart rate monitor to so many people because it’s an inexpensive way to track your heart rate. It’s super accurate, it works hard and keeps you working to meet your goals.  You need a heart rate monitor to be sure you are working hard and burning fat!

Do yourself a FAVOR and learn to roll out your knots! I think everyone should have a foam roller for self massage. These easily workout the kinks in your entire body and keep you relaxed! This particular roller has great “trigger point” nubs to help you get an even deeper massage!


The stick is nice for working the knots, especially in the calf muscles. With the stick you can really target the trigger point areas in the calves.  I credit this stick to keeping me running!

This is my ultimate fave protein powder.  It’s a raw, plant-based protein that works wonderfully in all smoothie recipes on this site. It blends smoothly, is easy to digest and is also good for your body!


This is another delish raw protein that I use and it’s really good on price. This particular flavor I think is one of the best tasting in the chocolate protein category. It’s also plant based and very well tolerated. This one will definitely do the trick for chocolate lovers!

Keep checking back for more Health and Fitness Gifts

If you’re like ME, there’s nothing better than an honest recommendation from somebody who has tried something and knows it’s good.

I also have personally recommended all these items I use to my personal training clients, and to the girls in my boot camp, and each time I hear back how much the girls loved them.

If you have an item you would like to know more about, you can contact me, and I will let you know if I’ve tried it, or if not, I will try to get you more information about it!

Stay healthy!

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