Healthy Breakfast Recipes

A Non-Traditional Breakfast Idea:

If you are looking for some healthy breakfast recipes, I want to encourage you to think just a little bit outside the box for a moment.

Most people think of eggs, toast, oatmeal, yogurt, and the like when they think of breakfast. But I want to encourage you to expand your thinking for a moment and try something a little different for breakfast tomorrow. Are you ready?


Yes, I said salad. I know it’s not typical, and I know people may stare, but who really cares, right? And besides, soon they are going to be staring because you look so damn good and they are going to want to know what’s in your very large, very colorful, breakfast bowl.

I always have a salad for breakfast, and it fills me up for hours in the morning, keeps me energized throughout the day, and provides all the essential nutrients that make up a great breakfast. I also notice that when it comes time for lunch, I get satisfied faster, and am never starving.

Here is what I typically put in my breakfast salad:


1 cup spinach
1 cup iceberg or romaine lettuce
1 cup chopped tomatoes
3 hard boiled egg whites and 2 yolks
½ chopped avocado
½ grapefruit (optional)
Himalayan sea salt (optional)

I then make my own dressing using 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard and some crushed red pepper to taste.

Toss all the ingredients together and voila, an amazing, healthy, fiber-filled salad for breakfast.

Get Creative With Your Own Ideas:
In one of my favorite books, Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall, he talks about having a salad for breakfast and tossing in any natural ingredients you have on hand. Try throwing in some beans, quinoa, jicama or an apple. The possibilities are endless. Remember to keep the salad as raw as possible and use your own healthy dressings made with olive oil, vinegar, Dijon mustard, etc.

It may take a little more planning to create healthy breakfast recipes, but only because you want to have salad ingredients on hand. But it takes no more time than preparing a cooked breakfast. Boil some eggs once a week, so you have a dozen or so, always handy to toss into your salad, and you can make the dressing in advance when you boil the eggs. Then just fill your bowl and enjoy!

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