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HEART RATEHeart Rate Monitor Weight Loss:

I want to explain why it’s so important to use a heart rate monitor while interval training.   Okay, so, interval training alternates between stressing the body and then allowing the body to recover.  One of the great benefits of this type of interval training is increased fat burning.  And since the intensity of interval training is largely dictated by your heart rate, a heart rate monitor is a great tool for creating an effective workout.

Remember back in the day when you would take aerobics classes at the gym, and they would have you do something intense, and then take your pulse, to see if you were exercising in the right “zone.”  Well that is what a heart rate monitor does.  It tracks your heart rate and lets you know when you are exercising at your max, and when you are recovered. It’s a better form of measurement than just breathing heavily, or feeling tired from what you are doing.  It’s kind of a like a coach, pushing you to work harder when you should, and telling you when you are rested enough to hit it again.

The great thing about the heart rate monitor weight loss training is that it works for any kinds of exercise you are doing, whether running, power walking, riding a bike, even doing pushups or squats.  With a heart rate monitor you will be able to precisely monitor your intensity and know you are getting the most out of your workout.

A heart rate monitor consists of a chest strap.  You wet the leads and place it around your chest, just under the breasts, and a watch.  It uses a battery so chest strap can “speak” to the watch and send the heart rate signal.

I use a simple Timex Ironman Triathlon watch that costs under $100.  You can buy the Timex on Amazon.com, that’s where I bought mine.

There are a lot of other models that can run up to $500 that have a GPS, and can upload info to your computer like calories burned, mileage, etc.   I just don’t think you need all those bells and whistles.  You just need your heart rate.

I really encourage you to use a heart rate monitor for your interval training.  It takes you to the next level, you’ll find it makes a big difference in your results!

This heart rate monitor that I recommend all the time, is the Timex Iron man.  It’s not expensive, but it gets the job done.  You can find it on my favorite things page.

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