HIIT workouts burn more fat


How HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts attack fat.

The other day I was at the gym, and there was a woman on a recumbent bike, lazily reading a tabloid, while slowly pedaling along. She was not at all paying attention to her workout. It looked like she reluctantly passed the time so she could go home and tell herself, “I worked out today.” Problem is, sooner or later, she is probably going to give up, because she is going to think, “geez, I work out for an hour every day and nothing changes.”



Well, wouldn’t it be great to know that you can work out for less time, but get better results than working out for a longer period of time? Most people don’t believe that’s true. That is why they lazily go from machine to machine at the gym watching television, reading a book, talking on the phone (so annoying) because they think they need to work out for a long time.

To attack fat, you need to change your pace. If you want to increase your fat burning while increasing your anaerobic capacity, you need to do interval training. With interval training you alternate between periods of intense activity, and periods of rest.

Intervals are important because your body adapts to the same movement and intensity over time and you will stop seeing results. The beauty of interval training is that it can be short. 15 to 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the fitness equivalent of 40 to 60 minutes of continual speed cardio.

A 1996 study from Baylor College of Medicine (Houston) reported that subjects who performed a high intensity workout on a stationary cycle burned significantly more calories during the 24 hours following the workout than those who cycled at a moderate, steady-state intensity. This is due to a rise in resting metabolism. Why? Since interval training is tougher on the body, it requires more energy to repair itself afterward.

Okay, so you’re convinced, you’re ready… so how do you do it? Below is a sample HIIT workout for the treadmill. You can follow this same type of routine on another piece of equipment or even running outdoors. The mode of training isn’t as important as the method you use. Each sprint, whether you are outdoors, on a treadmill or on an elliptical, indicates an all-out effort. The active recovery intervals should be slow enough to get you ready for the next sprint. Start using these workouts and you will turn your body into a fat-fighting machine.

30-minute Fat-Burning
High Intensity Interval Training
Treadmill Routine


0-3 3.5 3
3-5 4.0 3
5-7 5.0 3
7-9 4.0 0
9-11 5.0 3
11-13 4.0 0
13-15 5.0 3
15-17 4.0 0
17-19 5.0 3
19-21 4.0 0
21-23 5.5 3
23-25 4.0 0
25-27 5.5 3
27-29 4.0 0
29-30 3.0 0

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