Home Workout Routines: How To Get A ‘Pre-Party’ Fat Burning Workout In 6 Minutes…

Home Workout Routines: 6-Minute Pre-Party Fat Blaster (Video Below…)

Home workout routines have become increasingly popular these past couple of years, partly because of all the great Youtube videos available showing them, but also because it’s sooooo convenient.  Everyone is so rushed these days, and pressed for time, so it’s been something I get asked about a lot!

I was asked a GREAT question the other day in boot camp, which was, “What can I do when I know I’m going to be going out to a party, and being social, eating and drinking…”

Kind of like a preemptive strike! Well, I’m social a lot too, and I know that it’s not always practical or FUN to be so rigid that you can’t enjoy life!

So Here Is My Answer…

I’ve made a video for you (below). After the video I wrote up the important points to keep in mind…

Do your regular workout in the morning. Eat healthy all day, keeping the starchy carbs low or out completely, and keeping the protein and veggies high!

Then, just before getting ready to go out, squeeze in a 6-minute “mini workout.” This extra-intense HIIT circuit will set your body up for another 2-3 hours of great fat-burning, and you can enjoy your evening knowing you gave your body an extra kick!

Here Is What This Workout Entails…

Set your timer or gym boss for 9 intervals of 30 seconds of intensity and 10 seconds of rest for the following two exercises:

Burpee legs with a pushup. Stay on the ground in a pushup position with your back straight and butt down! Jump your legs wide, jump them together, jump them in, jump them out, then do a pushup, and repeat until 30 seconds is up.

Split stance squat jumps. Split your stance, squat low and as you jump up, switch the direction of your hips and twist at the waist. Stay as low as you can the whole time, reach for the ground, and keep your chest up… don’t fall too far forward. Keep jumping, twisting and splitting your stance for 30 seconds.


After you are done, shower, get cute and have a blast!



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