How To Stay Full Longer

by Wednesday, May 4, 2016

carrot-1282799_640 A Sneaky Trick To Keep You From Binging on Junk!

I have a sneaky little trick that I teach people that I’m training.  And you know something…It works EVERY Time!

I call it a trick because a lot of people don’t think about doing this as a way to stay full longer and stop from having the mid afternoon hungries.

What I like to do is to munch on some veggies BEFORE I eat any meal.

Any meal meaning, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I call this “front-loading” and it’s a great way to trick your body into learning how to stay full longer.

how to stay full longer

Why Munching on Raw Veggies Works

The secret behind this addition of raw veggies is that you are “front-loading” with veggies that contain extra moisture and minerals to nourish your body, and fiber.  Moisture meaning water and hydration for your cells.  Without the proper hydration, fat-burning is stalled.  We need to be properly hydrated to lose weight!

Then with the extra water from the veggies, comes extra fiber.

Adding this extra fiber is proven to keep you from starving later on the day.


How To Stay Full Longer — Add More Moisture and Fiber to Your Diet

how to stay full longer

So for example, here are a couple of ways that you can manage adding fiber and moisture throughout the day.

Start your day with a blender salad.  Starting your day with a blender salad is one of the best ways I know to get in a bunch of veggies early in the day and keep your blood sugar stable all day long.

Click the link for the recipe to my “famous” blender salad.

But let’s say you don’t want to have the blender salad.  I get it…some of you just don’t want to drink up a blender-full veggies first thing in the morning.

So here is another thing you can do.  While you are making breakfast, have a bowl of cut of cucumbers, celery,  carrots, tomatoes, or any combo of veggies that you like to eat RAW and eat them while making your breakfast.   You need to eat like at least a cup of veggies.  Or think in terms of two stalks of celery and a handful of cherry tomatoes.  Or have a raw peeled carrot and couple of Persian cucumbers.

This is not hard to do, and believe me it WORKS!


This Is Not A Starvation Diet!

I’m not asking you to eat like a rabbit, and be starving. I’m just asking you to ADD some rabbit food along with whatever else you might having (but yes it should be something healthy)!

Now you might want to know, “Well Laura, why can’t I just throw some veggies in my omelet instead….?”

There is a SPECIFIC reason for this…I want you have the RAW veggies.  It’s the raw veggies with their moisture content and their fiber and their minerals intact, and not destroyed by cooking, that does the job to keep you satiated and keep your blood sugar under control.  When your blood sugar is under control, you are training your body on how to stay full longer.

Please give this a try and write to me and let me know what you think!



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