Interval Training

Want to burn MORE fat in LESS time?
Interval training or HIIT is the answer!

So you have decided to give HIIT a try. No matter what method you choose to do (and go ahead and mix it up to to make it fun and challenging) you can combine these tips with your training intervals to speed up your progress.

5 Tips to Maximize your HIIT Workouts:

  • Timing your workouts. If you do your Interval Training first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or after a weight training session you will burn the greatest amount of fat. This is because during those two times, your body is slightly carb-depleted, making fat the primary fuel source of energy during the workout.
  • If you do decide to do your HIIT workout first thing in the morning have half a scoop of whey protein mixed in water before your session. Your body will then be drawing most of its energy from this fast-acting supplement and from fat instead of from your muscle.
  • Having a small amount of caffeine, say one cup of coffee, 30 minutes before your session will also enhance the amount of fat you burn during exercise.
  • Try working some hills into your HIIT cardio to work your hamstrings and glutes. If there are no hills available where you live, then adjust the incline on a treadmill or the elevation on the elliptical to simulate a hill. However, be sure to drop the incline to level to flat or the elevation to zero during the low-intensity intervals.
  • Limit HIIT cardio sessions for 20-30 minutes to maximize intensity while actually aiding muscle growth and preventing muscle loss.

If you like running, here is an example of an outdoor sprint that you can do. Grab a cup of coffee, have a ½ scoop of whey protein while you throw on your running shoes. Get out before anyone gets up. Carve out 20 minutes for yourself, and head out the door early in the morning. It really feels amazing when you get this done first thing in the morning. You are revved, energized, and ready for whatever awaits you during your day! And remember to have fun!



Warm-up   ———-  2-3 min.
Sprint         ———-  10 sec.
Slow walk  ———-  20 sec.
Sprint         ———-  10 sec.
Slow walk  ———-  20 sec.
Sprint         ———-  10 sec.
Slow walk  ———-  20 sec.
Sprint         ———-  10 sec.
Slow walk  ———-  20 sec.

Perform this circuit seven times for 14 minutes total

Slow walk 2-3 min.


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