Iodinetest: A Simple Test For Iodine Deficiency

by Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The very simple to do iodinetest is one of the tests I do with any new client to find out if they are deficient in iodine.  It is very easy to do and you can do it yourself just by following the steps below.

If a person is iodine deficient, they will have low energy and a lowered metabolism that can be helped almost immediately with the proper nutrition.

Here are the steps for the Iodinetest…

  • Purchase an iodine tincture from any health store or CVS type store. It’s a small little bottle. Don’t get the clear iodine because you need to be able to see the iodine on your skin. The iodine should have a reddish color.
  • Using a Q-tip, paint a quarter-sized circle of the iodine on your body. A good body part to use is the inside portion of your arm, your stomach, or another soft area of the skin where it is not likely to rub off.  For example, don’t paint on the back of the leg or tush!
  • Put a large band aid over it only to prevent it from being wiped off your skin.  Don’t put the band aid on tight or press it up against the iodine.
  • Keep checking the iodine test spot over the next 24 hours and take note of how quickly it fades.  Check the iodine about two to four hours.
  • If the iodine fades within 24 hours this could be an indication that it’s being absorbed by your body due to an iodine deficiency. Many doctors feel that if it fades within 12 hours that you are very iodine deficient.
  • If the iodine fades between 12 and 24 hours you need to supplement with an ingestible form of iodine (not the type of iodine that you used to do the patch test).

Important Notes About Taking Iodine:

Use a high quality form of iodine and take it based on your body weight. It isn’t enough to just keep supplementing. You want to find the CAUSE of why you are deficient.  Lugol’s Iodine is a very popular iodine supplement that you purchase off of Amazon.

amazonIf there are substances in your body that are burning up iodine faster that you can eat it, then you need to address that because there are other health risks that can come as a result. Not to mention the health risks associated with low thyroid hormone production.

There you have it! An inexpensive iodine deficiency test you can do at home.

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