Keep Your Workouts Fresh Interesting While Remaining Effective

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So how do you Keep Your Workouts Fresh Interesting While Remaining Effective?

How many times have you been to the gym, stared at the machines, mindlessly worked through 40 minutes to an hour of something you cannot even remember, and then left feeling like you didn’t do anything?  It’s NOT a good feeling when you have to drag your sorry butt to the gym, and you’ve lost your mojo!

It is amazing how many women go to the gym and do the same workout over and over. How boring! When training becomes boring, motivation drops through the floor and your results plateau..

The best way to avoid boredom is by constantly changing your workouts. Variety is necessary to stay interested and excited to workout. It also forces your body to develop in a more complete and balanced way. Only by keeping  your body off-guard while you continue to see constant fat loss until you reach your ideal weight.

One way to vary your routine is by using a lot of different exercises. You want to perform different movements every time you train. For instance, if you normally perform biceps curls, cable curls and concentration curls for your biceps, change your routine to include hammer curls and incline bench curls in your next session. In the following workout, you might employ preacher curls. There are dozens and dozens of different exercises at your disposal… so make use of as many as possible!

Another way to interject variety is by changing the routine you use. If work your back and chest on Monday, shoulders and arms on Wednesday, and legs on Friday, switch things around so you train shoulders, chest and triceps on Monday, legs on Wednesday, and back and biceps on Friday. That is just an example. As you can see, by using a little ingenuity, the possibilities for variation are endless.

If you are choosing a workout program, make sure the workout changes regularly, but also make sure that it isn’t a change for the sake of changing. The exercises should still be fat burning, but they should change.

Now go get moving in a different way!



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