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The Metabolic Typing Diet: Explaining The Carb Type

The Metabolic Type Diet and Finding Your Genetic Food Type

I want to explain to you about the Carb Type, and what Carb Types need to eat when following The Metabolic Typing Diet.

The carb type is a type of metabolism that does best when it consumes mainly carbs on a Metabolic Type Diet.

Now let’s look at the carb type and how they respond metabolically to different types of foods. This will later help you understand why learning your metabolic type and following the proper diet for your unique Metabolic Type will help you feel better, look better, sleep better, and reach your ideal weight.

Response To Fruits on The Metabolic Typing Diet

If you have the carb type of metabolism, fruits do not bother you or cause bloating like it will with a protein type. You feel stronger, better, fresher and more energy eating fruits.

Mousey Eater

You are also a “mousey” eater. Small meals last a long time. Even a few mouthfuls can satiate you for hours. Carb types are notorious for having a “mousy” appetite. Or going for a very long time in the morning without having breakfast, existing on coffee and maybe a piece of fruits for hours and hours before really getting hungry.

Thoughts About Food

You also tend to not think about food much. You can eat the most simple food and be fine. You also tend to feel eating is a bit of a bother to you. You don’t think about it much.

How You Respond To Protein

When you eat dark meats or heavy proteins you don’t feel good afterward. You feel very heavy and tired. It is the exact opposite of the Protein Metabolic Type Diet. When you follow your proper diet for your specific Metabolic Type, you really will feel more comfortable eating light seafood or white meat from poultry.

High Tolerance For Sweets

Carb Types have a high tolerance for sweets. People who are truly carb types can handle sweets really well and of course this can be a problem, because just because you can handle sweets well, doesn’t mean they are good for you. The carb type tends to reach for sweets whenever they are hungry or need an energy boost. So it’s easy for the carb type to overdo sweets which can of course lead to being overweight. But, even more dangerous is that it can also lead to being insulin resistant, hypoglycemic and diabetic.

Carb Type people will often start out lean in their youth, but then the sweet tooth situation leads to weight gain in later years. This combined with the tendency to have a “snacking” appetite, or less of an appetite also leads to the metabolic rate being lowered, throwing your system into what is known as starvation mode. When your body goes into starvation mode, then it turns on its fat-storing switch and your body goes into fat-storing mode.

People following the Metabolic Type Diet for carb types will eat a variety of carbs that are designed to give them lasting, sustained energy that they are looking for, without all the sugar and empty unnecessary calories.

Tendency Towards Vegetarianism or Veganism

Many people who are carb types end up being a vegetarian or a vegan because they just don’t like meat at all. Some of you don’t realize you don’t like meat, only because you are currently eating the way you were told to eat and that may include eating meat. But when you get off protein you end up feeling much more relaxed and calm and lighter. This is the exact polar opposite of the Protein Metabolic Type Diet.

Small Servings

The only large meal you do best with is a large salad or a blended smoothie. That is probably the only kind of meal you can have in a large quantity. But other than that you can only eat small meals. Other people keep thinking you are dieting because you eat so little. But that is not the case. You just don’t need to eat a lot. A lot of small meals throughout day tend to keep the carb type happy and not thinking about food all day long. If you are following the proper Metabolic Type Diet for carb types, you will eat throughout the day, keeping you happy and full of energy.

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