Metabolic Types: The Protein Type

metabolic typing protein type

“Metabolic Types:  The Protein Type…”

Metabolic typing teaches you that there are different types of metabolisms and each one reacts to food in a different way. It also teaches how eating according to your metabolic type will cause your cravings to go away, give you long-lasting energy, and also cause fat loss!

If you eat in a way that others tell you is healthy, and those “healthy” foods are not what YOUR metabolism needs, your body will suffer and you will feel it. You’ll feel hungry all the time, lack of energy, and you will store body fat a lot faster.

So, let’s go over the first kind of metabolic type that really gives women a hard time. It is what I’ll call the protein type. This type of metabolism will do well only if it has a lot of dark meat. I’m talking about the rich and heavy proteins. Beef, lamb, buffalo, sardines, pork belly, kidney, liver, etc.

Yes, I know what you are thinking right now… “These are the ‘unhealthy’ meats! They’re the ones that are bad for you, right?”


If you cut the fat off the meat and eat only the lean meat, and you are a protein type, a diet high in this type of protein, will lower your blood sugar, increase your health, improve your digestion, reduce or eliminate your cravings, and give you long sustained energy.

Traits Of The Protein Type…

If you are a protein type, you probably have these characteristics:

  • You are someone who always liked eating a steak or dark meat.
  • You tend to think about food a lot.
  • You also do better (energy, cravings and fat-loss) when you snack often.
  • When you eat a meal with a lot of dark meat, like a steak, you feel better almost right away. You actually feel more relaxed, more mental focus, go for a longer period of time without cravings and have more stable energy.
  • When you have a high starch meal and a lot of sugar you actually feel very tired and feel it almost immediately.
  • You also feel a lot of bloating and feel weak when you eat a lot of fruits.
  • IMPORTANT: When you eat the “healthy,” “Low-fat proteins” like low-fat seafoods, chicken breasts, turkey breasts, white meat, even if you eat a lot of this kind of protein, you feel tired and even anxious. This is because that kind of protein does not supply your body with the protein density it needs.

The Trap Protein Type Women Fall Into…

Here is where it gets really hard for you as a protein type. Especially, if you are a woman and a protein type, you NEED to be eating dark meat to lose weight and get energy. If you eat, the “girly” diet foods like chicken breast, salads, cold cuts and very light seafood and very little fat… guess what? You stress your body out and you lose your ability to burn body fat off your body. Also, if you have your period, you lose iron and the dark meats (like beef) have more iron.

A protein type woman will break through her weight loss plateau, double her energy and eliminate her cravings when she consumes dark, heavy meats with the fat cut or cooked off. She does better with a bit more fat in her diet.

A good snack for her is a protein shake with a tablespoon of flaxseed oil. A breakfast like scrambled eggs with a bit of butter, some grilled asparagus spears with olive oil drizzled over them and if she can tolerate dairy, a bit of sharp cheddar cheese on her omelet. If you find you have this type of metabolism, then you will lose more body fat and get much better results on an Atkins type diet. A low calorie diet will make your body stop burning fat! This one extreme end of the metabolic spectrum.

The “Carb Type”

The other far end of the metabolic spectrum is what is called the “Carb Type.”  This is another of the metabolic types that many people fall into.  Click here if you want to learn more about the carb type.

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