Metabolic Typing Test: Lets Find Your Unique Metabolic Type

metabolic typing testAnd Lose The Weight Permanently, Without Starving Yourself!


Why should you take the metabolic typing test?


Once you take the metabolic typing test and receive your results, it’s going to be very exciting.  Your test, in your hot little hands, gives you a blueprint that will help you understand your own, specific, distinctive dietary needs that work along with YOUR BODY.

It’s like getting a customized eating plan only for you. And, remember, it’s NOT a diet it’s way of life!!!!

You will learn to eat the way your body was designed to be fed.  With the results of your own unique metabolic typing test, you will be able to customize your diet to:

  • Free yourself from those annoying food cravings.
  • Be able to MAINTAIN a healthy weight.
  • Have high energy levels throughout your day.
  • Prevent and reverse disease.

Taking the Metabolic Typing Test will reveal to your Unique Metabolic Diet that works with your body.

  • You will then use this information to select specific foods and combinations of foods and supplements that will make you feel and look amazing!
  • The food you eat is real food, stuff you buy at the grocery store, it’s not fancy or difficult to make.
  • No measuring or weighing, or having to go to specialty stores for food. It’s just real, healthy, delicious food that you will love.
  • You will also begin to open your eyes to new foods.  These are foods you probably thought you should not have.  This adds a whole new dimension to the meaning of feeding your body.

Once you discover your own specific Metabolic Type, and you start eating accordingly, you will finally be free of extra weight, food cravings, hunger, digestive problems, blood sugar imbalances, headaches and other ailments…

This is not something new!  It’s been around for a long time, and tens of thousands of people have used it with amazing success.

I encourage you to find out for yourself the advantages of taking the Metabolic Typing Test.  Take a look at your own results.  Then start your weight loss journey with a diet that’s tailor-made specifically for you.

If you have any questions for me, and you’d like something answered before you take the test, please click on Contact Me.  Write to me and I will be glad to answer any questions you might have!

But if you are super excited and ready to get started now, here is info on how the program works.

Metabolic Typing Test & Consultation


Introductory Program and Price:

The Introductory Program Costs $150 – and here is what I will have for you:

  1.  Access to the Metabolic Typing Test
  2. Your own customized Metabolic Typing Report. This report is written specifically for you based on your answers to the test. The approximately 25-page report contains 5 parts:
  • Your unique assessment results
  • Your unique diet recommendations
  • Your unique supplement recommendations
  • Your lifestyle recommendations, and
  • Additional information to help you understand your report.

3. One hour consultation with me to go over everything in your profile and answer all your questions.

Metabolic Typing Test & Consultation

Your Journey Begins!

After reviewing your information and going over everything in the consultation with me, you will be excited and ready to begin your new journey using your results!

If you would like to continue working me and continuing consulting with me about Metabolic Typing for any period of time that you like, we can set that up after the initial consult.

I totally look forward to working with you and helping you to discover how to customize your diet to your own unique body chemistry.  With the information from your metabolic typing test, you can finally achieve the body, health and energy you have always wanted!

To Your Most Vibrant and Perfect Health!



Metabolic Typing Test & Consultation

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