Understanding the Mind Body Connection

by Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Change your mind – change your body.

There is no denying the mind body connection.

Whatever your state of mind is about, your body reveals. If you are in a funk or in a slump, your body speaks about it. If you change your mind then you can definitely change your body.

So how do you change your mind? How do you change your way of thinking about your own body and stop being mad at it for not being what you want it to be?

You have to change your thinking first. You have to look yourself over and first see all the good things about your body, the obvious things, like.

  • I’m alive and breathing.
  • I have two legs that can carry me from here to there.
  • I can smile and laugh at things that make me happy.
  • I can put on some music and dance in my living room.
  • It is in my power to be an example to my children on health and vitality.

Then you have to look at the not so obvious things like:

  • Underneath my skin are muscles waiting to be seen
  • If I change my diet I will have tons of energy
  • If I make small diet and workout changes today, tomorrow I will already notice a difference in my body.
  • If I exercise every day my body will realize its full potential and carry me through a long and healthy life.

You need to learn to love your body for all the things good that your body does for you. To help with this, you can start with positive affirmations or practice different meditation techniques. Whatever your path, you need to first develop a positive body image.

If you are having trouble getting your diet clean and healthy here are things you can to do cleanse your body.

  • Practice mindful eating. Think about what you are putting in your mouth.
  • Eliminate late night eating. It’s okay to go to bed hungry, you will wake up feeling just fine.
  • Write down the things that trigger your food cravings or emotional eating so that you can eliminate them, or learn how to control them by replacing emotional eating with another activity, like going for a light jog.
  • Do a detox cleanse. Your body will love you for it.
  • Yoga is an incredible practice to help you focus on yourself and stimulate your mind-body connection.

Treat your body like the miracle of nature that it is! Understanding the mind body connection will get you on the path to your healthy, radiant body that is there waiting to come out!

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