Positive Affirmations

positive affirmations
Positive Affirmations Work
Change your thinking and your body will change too

Don’t discount the power of positive thinking on changing your body image as well as your physical body. What you think about yourself is what your body will reflect.

I’m sure you have heard it said that the things that we dislike the most are the things that we attract to our life.

How does that work? It’s the things we focus on so much that we actually end up creating. Keep saying “I hate my thighs.” and you will always look at them and think, “I hate my thighs.” Keep thinking “I have nooooooooooooo energy for anything.” And you will never want to follow through on your workouts.

You need to change your thinking. Rewire your thoughts so that your physical body will follow suit.

Instead of thinking, “I hate my thighs…”


“My beautiful legs carry me strongly for miles.”
“My strong and sturdy legs give me the strength I need to finish boot camp.”
“My wonderful legs keep me dancing for hours.”

Instead of thinking, “I have no energy for anything….”


“I have the energy to work out for 30 minutes today.”
“I have the energy I need to practice my pushups today.”
“I have the energy I need to finish a second 20 minute workout every day.”

write down your positive affirmationsPositive Affirmations Work
It really helps to write down your affirmations. Pick 10 affirmations and write them down EVERY DAY. Rewire your thoughts. Think differently. Stop focusing on the negative things and focus only on the positive. Focus on the things that you will do. Make it present, the here and now.

  1. I am strong for my workouts.
  2. I make the right food choices every day.
  3. I have the energy I need to work out today.
  4. I have the strength I need to build beautiful lean muscles.
  5. I am eating healthy to nourish my beautiful body.
  6. I am the perfect weight for my beautiful body.
  7. My body is the beautiful reflection of my positive thinking.
  8. My body vibrates with energy and health.
  9. My body is strong.
  10. I am beautiful inside and out.
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