Setting Fitness Goals Harness This ONE Weight Loss and Fitness Secret

SET GOALSSetting Fitness Goals must be REAL, actual and do-able!

You know what I see a lot? I see women buying into these supposedly “amazing” weight loss and fitness gimmicks, and they believe them, like: 

“Lose X Pounds in 30 days!”

“Eat more, lose weight.”

“Get skinny by the weekend”

Just like the info commercials and magazine covers right?

Well, that can very well happen with solid determination and following the right plan for you. But you know what I find? I find that most women short-change themselves by setting short-term goals…

Women are generally setting fitness goals that are too big for too short a period of time. But when they look long-term, the goals are too small.

Here’s what I am getting at…

I want you to learn what you are capable of doing when you use MOMENTUM…when you learn to use momentum, you simply will not believe how far you can go. I’m talking achieving fitness goals younever thought you could achieve.

I remember when I did my first marathon. It was such a good example of this. I had that goal for a long time. But I was scared, and not sure it was possible.  I had never ever run more than an hour, so I thought it was a really “out there” goal for me.

But I was encouraged to stick to a plan and keep doing the plan for months leading up to it and I did it!  I started six months in advance to get ready for that first marathon. And I did it!

Then I Ran My Second One!

It was the power of momentum. There is no way I could have prepared for it in “30 Days – or your money back!”

No matter where you are with your weight loss and your fitness level, instead of setting a goal for losing a gazillion pounds in 3.4 seconds, or your money back, set a goal for improving your athletic ability 1%.

Yeah, you heard me right… 1 measly percent.

Then the next day increase it by 1% again.

Then the next day, do it again.

1% may mean just showing up. It may mean you eat a salad before your meal. It may mean you walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator. Whatever it means for you, do your 1%. And keep adding 1% every day.

At the end of 100 days, or at the end of a year, you will look back and NOT believe how far you have come. What you will be able to do at the end of a year of constant and never ending improvement in little steps will be many TIMES greater than the goal you set or 30 days.

That Is The Power Of Momentum

Being out of place, feeling awkward, feeling some discomfort are normal for ANYTHING you do that is new. But they go away. If you look at all the things you do really well, it is only because you have been them it long enough.

If you have a bad day, congratulations! You are normal! Pick yourself up and start a new day and improve just that much more.

When setting fitness goals, you have to take small steps, work your way up to the goal.  The momentum of the small percentages will add up in the end to achieving your major goal.  Think bigger. Stay consistent. Remember the story about the tortoise and the hare? Be the tortoise and win the race!

Now, go get fit!


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