Sleep and Weight Loss: How are they related?


Sleep and weight loss are connected!

Not getting enough sleep will negatively affect your weight loss efforts —

I Can Lose Weight While I’m Sleeping?? Well Goodnight

I can honestly say that I never really understood the connection between sleep and weight loss. Then one of the very first questions my running coach and nutritionist asked me when we first met was: “How much sleep are you getting?”

In my mind, I yelled, “Who cares! Aren’t you more concerned about how many miles I have on my new Sauconys! But he could have cared less. He wanted me to REST more. I was a little miffed because being a very early riser all my life,

I used to pride myself on the fact that I didn’t need that much sleep, especially when my children were younger.

Okay, now don’t go thinking you are starting a new “workout program” tomorrow by sleeping 10 hours a night! It’s not enough to just get more sleep.

You have to workout, eat right AND get enough sleep. You need to be thinking in terms of getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep each night.


Did you know sleep causes weight loss?

There is a science to this! There are two hormones that make sleep a fat loss weapon.

The first hormone is ghrelin. Ghrelin regulates your appetite. When you are sleep-deprived, ghrelin becomes increased and makes you want to eat MORE.

The second hormone of importance in the sleep and weight loss connection is leptin. Leptin helps to suppress your appetite and tells your body that you are full. So two things happen when you are tired and sleepy, your body tells you it is hungrier than it is and doesn’t let you know that you are full enough.

Think of the times when you were really tired, and you thought that you were also really hungry, but you went to bed or you fell asleep, and when you woke up after a good night’s rest, you weren’t STARVING were you? Yes, you did get hungry naturally after waking, but you did not wake up starving.

Stay Tuned For Part Two Of “Sleep Your Way to The Body of Your Dreams!


How does lack of sleep affect our eating habits?

When we are tired we don’t always make the best food choices.

Many people snack on what they consider “pick-me-up” foods during the day when they are fatigued because they feel they need a boost. These foods are usually sugary, high-calorie, and not nutritious. You girls know what those are!

Also, when you sleep only four or five hours a night, you end up EATING those extra four or five hours during the day without even thinking, because your body thinks it’s hungry.


Magic Workouts, Magic Sleep, and A Better Body

When you exercise regularly you will naturally sleep better.

Sleep is the primary time when your body recovers from the stress placed on it from working out.

When you are sleeping, growth hormone is pumped into your blood stream. Growth hormone is the fountain of youth! It is vital for muscle tissue repair and for using fat for energy.

So let’s break it down girls, if you are not getting enough sleep you are making it hard for building muscle and encouraging weight loss!! So go ahead and give your body what it’s really craving, enough sleep!

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