“The Metabolic Typing Diet: Uncovering Your Unique Body Chemistry!”

by Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I know, I know, I hated chemistry too!… But, The Metabolic Typing Diet will show you a way to eat that works right with your own body chemistry and creates permanent, sustainable weight loss.  And it won’t be hard! I promise!

When you look at people you can tell them apart by looking at all the different physical characteristics, right? Each of our physical characteristics as a whole can distinguish us apart. And we all know this already. But what we don’t think of naturally, is how different we are INTERNALLY.

We don’t really consider that our own body’s internal chemistry is just as different as our outward appearance is different.

Our Metabolic Uniqueness

Our internal body chemistry is so unique, so therefore, the way our bodies react to food is so different from each other. Some people can do well in every way with let’s say a low-carb diet with high protein. Others, believe it or not can do amazing in every way when they eat all carbs with little to no dense protein foods! This is what makes eating healthy and eating for weight loss so incredibly frustrating for us women!

None of us can escape the absolutely conflicting and even opposing advice for what to do to be healthy and lose weight!

The Metabolic Typing Diet gives you tools to help you find what works for YOU, so you don’t have to try one diet fad after another, and get continually frustrated by what you think is your lack of willpower, when in reality you are just friggen hungry!

You Have An Optimum Balance…

The fact of the matter is that if each of you finds YOUR exact right combination of fats, proteins and carbs through The Metabolic Typing Diet and eats according to that you will experience the following:

  • No more cravings or severely reduced cravings
  • Long lasting energy that lasts much longer
  • No more energy crashes after eating.
  • Faster fat loss
  • Deeper sleep
  • Lowered (Bad) cholesterol
  • Better moods

By learning about your own unique metabolic profile, you can end food cravings, lose weight, MAINTAIN your weight loss forever, have energy, sleep better, and actually prevent and reverse disease.

Mass Marketed Diets…

The problem started with mass-marketed diets. When there is a diet plan that is mass marketed, we get the idea there is ONE diet that works and that is it. After all, we see the success stories for each of those diets. There are people doing Atkins and doing amazing in all ways. There are others doing vegan and doing great. There are people doing a raw food diet and doing great. All of these diets are so different from each other! And to make matters worse, each of those people would swear they did the other diet and got horrible results! I know you know exactly what I mean.

Here’s What I Want You To Consider…

…All those success stories are great success stories because THAT diet matched that particular person’s metabolic type! Here is what was a very eye opening experience for me. My nutritionist, who taught me a lot about nutrition, even showed me how for some people, eating what we all consider very unhealthy (such as heavy red meat and fat) will increase the health of some people and even cause them to lose weight! This is called the protein type. They are confused because they encounter so much propaganda saying they should not eat those heavy meats and keep their fat low. It is the worst thing they could do for their health! He also taught me that there were others who were the opposite. They did not metabolize dense protein well at all, but metabolized carbs very very well. So if they ate a lot of protein, they felt very tired and weak when consuming dense protein. Some are so extreme they can’t even eat meat! And here is all this advice to eat a lot of protein to lose weight and get healthy right? Well, these are the carb types.Then there is everyone else in between!

Ending The Confusion… metabolism2

The Metabolic Typing Diet is the first step in ending, once and for all, the confusion about what you need to eat to get long-lasting energy, weight loss, and enjoyment out of food you already love! So stay tuned. But in the meantime, just know this. You are not crazy for feeling confused. There is NOT something wrong with you. ALL the diet advice out there works. But it only works for people who have the right metabolic type for that diet! You will learn more about yourself and what kind of diets work for you!

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If you really want to dig deeper and learn more about The Metabolic Typing Diet, you should definitely order the book. Or contact me for more info!

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