The Sleep Diet: Lose Weight In Your Sleep

What does The Sleep Diet really mean? 



You are probably thinking, A Diet of Sleeping???  How is that possible?  I sleep and I’m not losing any weight??!!!  Well, it’s most likely because (like most busy women) you are NOT sleeping enough.  Getting enough rest is the KEY to successful weight loss that lasts.

If you go to sleep an average of 1 hour earlier every night, you will lose more fat! You will see your fat start to fall off your body just by going to sleep 1 hour earlier!


Getting Enough Sleep Has Scientifically Proven Results

There was a study done on TV and a group of women tested this theory. They all went to sleep earlier and did nothing else.

As a group, they lost an average of 6 – 15 pounds over a 10 week period!

Like most people who hear this, they ask…”What if I sleep in 1 hour later? Is that the same thing? No, it isn’t.  Getting to bed earlier gives you a deeper sleep and your body gets more recuperation than when you get to sleep later and wake up later.

And don’t think you can be tricky and outsmart this theory by “making up” for lost sleep on the weekend.  It’s not enough to get 5 hours of rest Monday through Thursday night and then sleep 12 hours  Friday and Saturday.  The key is consistently resting your body, 7 to 8 hours a night, consistently.

Here is the video that describes the study mentioned above and its results…



“So if you’re one of my boot campers or clients, and I tell you to get rest, this is why!”

Rest is most definitely one of the great big factors in successful weight loss.  The less stress your body is under, the more successful your weight loss will be.   So it stands to reason that if you are more rested, you are less stressed, and voila, weight loss ensues!!!



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