Vitamix Juicer: Blender Vegie Smoothie In A Vitamix

by Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hi there!

This is how I make my veggie smoothie blender salad using my “Vitamix juicer” I love the vitamix. It is an amazing product to use. I really feel the energy and love the improved taste. Enjoy!

I heard of this vitamix before and never thought of it as a “Vitamix Juicer” but it really does the trick!

I never thought I would spend the money I did on it. After all, how different can blenders be right?


The difference is night and day! First of all, the very reason I was looking for a blender is because mine broke. So obviously getting a sturdy one that lasts forever was part of the equation.

Well this Vitamix is without question, STURDY. I mean you can feel it.

Powerful Blending to Juicing…

I was taught that one of the most important benefits of juicing is that you get what is inside the cells of the fruits and vegetables. If you don’t get what is inside the cells of the vegetables you mostly don’t get anything.

Here’s Why…

The cell walls of fruits and vegetables are the strongest cell walls there are! They designed to be almost indestructible. Think about it! We have legs, we can run away from danger. Plants can’t run away, right? So to defend themselves, they create strong cell walls.

Well, all the health benefits we want will come from inside the cell walls of fruits and vegetables. So a good juicer will actually break apart the cells. Is there a difference? Absofrikin-lutely!

So for a juicer you need one that is called a “masticating” which basically means “chewing.”

How Vitamix Juices..

Now a Vitamix is not technically a juicer but it does do what a GOOD juicer does. And that is to break open the cells. A Vitamix is one of the few blenders that are powerful enough and spin around fast enough to be able to actually break open the cell walls of the veggies.

I first thought, “Well, that’s all interesting… But I bet it doesn’t make that much of a difference in everyday life” WRONG AGAIN!

There is a big difference in taste and even the color of the resulting smoothie. Let’s take carrots, for example, if you blend carrots you want to see a dark orange. Not a light orange color in the juice. A good juicer will have a very dark orange color as a result. The Vitamix does too.

And the taste is very different. Also, the resulting energy is phenomenal.

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  • Maryann Del Pizzo
    February 10, 2016

    I have a juicer and a Vitamix. I never thought it would but the Vitamix has found a place on my kitchen counter.

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