Vitamix Reviews: I Love My Vitamix!

Vitamix Reviews abound online, and I know that it sounds dramatic to say you love an appliance, but honestly it’s true!

This is one of those things that you buy and you think, “Why Did I Wait So Long?” I knew I wanted a Vitamix… I had ogled them, Googled them, secretly envied my friends and sister who had one, and lovingly stared at the Costco roadie as he churned out one delicious blender after another to adoring fans.

“But I would think $400 for a blender? How can I justify that?”

I had been a huge blender salad and two to three smoothies-a-day maker. So I had seen many blenders that just could not keep up that pace, come and go!

“Finally, it dawned on me that the four blenders I had tossed in the trash in the past four years could have easily paid for a Vitamix (and a half!), so I went and bought myself one.”

From the very first blender salad I made, I knew I was in love. After about two weeks, I know my husband got tired of hearing me say, “I can’t believe I waited so long for a Vitamix!”

I use my Vitamix every single day, several times a day. I love it for the way it blends things so smoothly. I love it for the way it takes a beating and keeps on blending. I love it for the way it makes smoothies, sauces, dressings, and soups that heat up in the blender.

But mostly what I love is how easy it is to make your life healthy. Throw some fresh produce in it and you have an instant healthy blender salad. It’s so easy to clean, it’s a rinse and it’s done.

Truly the best thing about the Vitamix is its health benefits. Using the Vitamix gives you all the benefits of juicing without having to toss out the pulp. Extracted juice discards the pulp which is where the nutrients like vitamin A, C and E and the minerals like iron, copper, iodine and magnesium are trapped.

What you get with extracted juice is just a handful of nutrients a lot of concentrated fruit sugar. The Vitamix blades pulverize food fiber to separates the cell walls of whole foods. This is turn releases up to three times more nutrition and makes it instantly available to you. All while you are still getting the whole food.

The Vitamix literally makes available every nutrient trapped in the cell walls of produce for your body to absorb. You will find yourself throwing things in that blender that you never thought you would and trying different veggies and produce that you may have never tried, like kale or broccoli.

You will easily increase your daily fiber intake and make your whole life healthier with this one appliance.

You can check also check out my YouTube channel for some of my favorite Vitamix Recipes and Amazon for Vitamix Reviews, and more will be coming soon!

Here is a great Vitamix Smoothie recipe using Spinach and Chocolate! Yes, that’s right, spinach and chocolate!

To your constant health and vitality!


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