Worst Foods For Weight Loss

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Of all the fat loss tips this is an important one! The Worst Foods For Weight Loss All Have These Ingredients…

Whether you are looking for weight loss recipes, or diet tips on food to eat or not eat, this is a key piece of advice you need to follow.

All the worst foods for weight loss are a combination of a starch and fat and/or sugar. What is a starch? A starch is a form of a carbohydrate. Starches are a kind of carbohydrate. You see, carbs are a huge category of foods. They include vegetables, fruits, starches, AND sugars.

What Are Starches?

Starches are the kinds of carbs that were given a bad rap in the whole Atkins craze. You remember the Atkins craze? Eat as much protein and fat, but no “carbs.”

What it did not emphasize is that vegetables are carbs and very healthy, and also very fat burning.

So that is why I use the word, “starch.”

Starches are the carbs we all love. Pasta, bread, rice, grains, etc. I call them, “starches” because they are starchy. They are carbs with very low moisture content.

Sugars Are Also A Carb

Sugar is a very refined form of a carb. It is a carb with no fiber at all. You all know what sugars are. THEY TASTE SWEET AND YUMMY!

But there are other foods that are also sugars but don’t taste sweet in the conventional sense. Alcohol is a sugar and a carb.

Fat and Carbs

You know what a starch and sugar do to your body that other carbs don’t? They raise your insulin levels very fast and very high.

When your insulin levels are high, dietary fat is converted to body fat. When insulin is low, dietary fat can be metabolized easier and faster out of the body.

Why They Are Bad

When a food has starches or sugar or both AND fat, it will be converted to body fat very easily.

So when you look at all the junk food out there, these are the two things they all have… starches or sugar and fat. Twinkies, donuts, pizza, fried chicken, chips, etc. They all contain starch and/or sugar and fat.

A doughnut is a dough, that is deep fried in oil (which is fat) and then covered with sugar (the oh-so-angelic glaze).

Pizza is similar. It is dough, with rich and fatty meat, and a lot of cheese which is fatty as well.

What To Do…

So know you know the worst foods for weight loss are that they are going to make you fat. They are mostly common knowledge. But sometimes you are not sure. What you do is check the ingredient labels and see how much fat it has. If it has fat and it is starchy then it is fattening. No matter what the marketing says about it, it is fattening. It will raise your insulin levels and has fat. This is the perfect recipe for fat storage.

Want to make this easier for yourself? Use the nutrition guide we give you free when you sign up for our newsletter. It is called, “7 Days To A Fat-Burning Body For Life.” You can also use our nutrition advice on this site. We give you the rules and guides to follow as well as recipes and serving sizes so you can eat delicious food while losing fat .

Now Go Get Fit!


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